Denaturation & Hybridization System (12 slides)
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Denaturation & Hybridization System (12 slides)

12 slides with superior temperature uniformity
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Programmable system and humidifying that automates the steps in a slide-based FISH procedure, and provides walk-away convenience for clinical and research personnel. The low cost unit accepts a wide range of sample types, is easy to use, and reduces hands-on time by more than 50% while ensuring overall precision and accuracy in all FISH assays. Up to 12 slides can easily be added or removed with one hand. Two-side heating of slides that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature and maintaining uniform temperature across all slide positions.


1. User Programmable Settings
1) Touch screen allows for easy to read and easy programming
     2) 99 user programmable settings
     3) Four operation modes: denaturation/hybridization, hybridization, custom, In-situ PCR
     4) Can be used as a fixed temperature slide warmer

2. Easy to use
    1) Eliminates manual steps and reduces hands-on time during FISH procedures
    2) Slides do not need to be fully loaded to maintain temperature accuracy
    3) Slide guide keeps slides in place and allows for one hand removal
3. More stringent temperature control
    1) Rapid temperature ramp-up and accuracy of ±1℃
    2) Superior temperature uniformity across all slide positions
    3) Programmable system, it can be runned In-situ PCR experiments

4. Ideal for humidity control
    1) Perfect lid seals tightly will maintain uniform temperature and ensure humidity across all slide positions


1. Temperature Control Range:  RT+5℃~100℃
2. Temperature Accuracy:  ±1℃
3. Temperature Uniform:  ±1℃
4. Processing Timer:  1min~99h59min
5. Heating Time (37℃ to 95℃):  ≤3min
6. Cooling Time (95℃ to 45℃):  ≤7min
7. Temperature Control Programmable:  30℃~100℃
8. Capacity:  12 Slides
9. Overall Dimensions (L x W x H):  420×225×143mm
10. Net Weight:  7.5kg


①  Touch screen, easy to read and use
②  12 slides with superior temperature uniformity
③  Heating lid and lid seals tightly will maintain uniform temperature and humidity

Code                            Description

 TDH-500   AC100V 50/60Hz (if need 240V please contact us)

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