Cyclosporin A, >99% , 1g-100g, CAS#59865-13-3
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Cyclosporin A, >99% , 1g-100g, CAS#59865-13-3

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Cyclosporin A, >99%
Synonyms: CsA, Ciclosporin, Cyclosporine, Antibiotic S 7481F1, Ciclosporin A, Ramihyphin A

CAS#59865-13-3, M.W.1202.61, Formula: C62H111N11O12

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BC020-1g 1 g 45
BC020-5g 5 g 135
BC020-10g 10 g 209
BC020-25g 25 g 499
BC020-100g 100 g 1025
Cyclosporin A, ciclosporin, cyclosporine, cyclosporin is an immunosuppressant reagent which is used to lower the activity of T cells and their immune response.

Cyclosporin A
binds to the cytosolic protein cyclophilin (immunophilin) of lymphocytes, especially T cells. This complex of ciclosporin and cyclophilin inhibits calcineurin, which, under normal circumstances, is responsible for activating the transcription of interleukin 2. In T-cells, activation of the T-cell receptor normally increases intracellular calcium, which acts via calmodulin to activate calcineurin. Calcineurin then dephosphorylates the transcription factor nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFATc), which moves to the nucleus of the T-cell and increases the activity of genes coding for IL-2 and related cytokines. Ciclosporin prevents the dephosphorlyation of NF-AT by binding to cyclophilin. It also inhibits lymphokine production and interleukin release and, therefore, leads to a reduced function of effector T-cells. It does not affect cytostatic activity.

Cyclosporin A affects mitochondria by preventing the mitochondrial permeability transition pore from opening, thus inhibiting cytochrome c release, a potent apoptotic stimulation factor. This is not the primary mechanism of action for clinical use, but is an important effect for research on apoptosis.

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