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Digital Orbital Shaker 50-300 rpm
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Digital Orbital Shaker 50-300 rpm

TDigital Orbital Shaker Model: OS-100

Supplier:TSZ Scientific.

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Orbital Shaker -- OS-100


   OS-100 Orbital Shaker is a powerful variable speed shaker which provides efficient orbital motion. Speed and time are under microprocessor control. The shaker can be applicable in different laboratories: in microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

1. Digital speed control,
2. Speed range 50-300 RPM
3. Orbit 10 mm
4. Digital timer 1min – 99h59min
Universal platform, flat platform or platforms with clamps (see below)
6. Maximum load capacity 3 kg
7. Orbital Shaker can be used in a cold room or incubator
8. Operating ambient: temperature range +5°C to +40°C
9. Overall dimensions:
10.Weight, not more:
11.Power supply: DC24V

Platforms for OS-100 and OS-200


         PP12-100                               PP06-250           




Main body & Platforms

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OS-100 (shaker Main Body) $850
PP12-100  $100
PP06-250 $100
UP-1 $100
PP-1 $60


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