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Disposable Cuvettes
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Disposable Cuvettes

Supplier: Sarstedt
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Square and round cuvettes with square or round apertures

Disposable square cuvettes are available in polystyrene and acrylic.
Due to the optical characteristics of the material, polystyrene cuvettes are suitable for use down to 330 nm, with a spectral transmission of 70 -80% at a wavelength of 334 nm.

Acrylic cuvettes, due to their excellent optical clarity, are particularly suitable for measurements in the ultraviolet range. They can be used down to approximately 300 nm. Transmission, for example, at 334 nm is approximately 80-90 %.

Square cuvettes are available as 10x10mm cuvettes and as 10 x 4mm semi-micro cuvettes with a 10 mm optical pathway. A further option with 4 optically clear sides is also available for fluorescence measurements.

Push caps are available for cuvettes with round apertures and a 10 mm optical pathway.

Since the seventies, Sarstedt has been renowned as a supplier of high-quality plastic disposable cuvettes made from polystyrene (PS) and acrylic (PMMA). With a view to serving the UV range down to 220 nm which is gaining more and more importance, our product range has been complemented by a new UV transparent disposable cuvette
Due to its optical characteristics, polystyrene is ideal for use in the visual range and the UV transparent range down to 330 nm. At 334 nm, for instance, polystyrene has a spectral transmission ratio of about 70 to 80 %.

Acrylic cuvettes, on the other hand, stand out for their enhanced light transmission in the UV range and can be
used down to approximately 300 nm. Their spectral transmission ratio at 334 nm, for instance, is between 80 to 90%.

BT Cat. # Description Package Price ($)
67.738 Cuvette Square 4ml Acrylic RPK 100/box,5box/cs 110
67.740 Cuvette Semi-Micro 1.6ml Acrylic 100/box,5box/cs 120
67.741 Cuvette Square 4ml PS RPK 100/box,5box/cs 100
67.742 Cuvette Semi Micro 1.6ml PS RPK 100/box,5box/cs 110
68.757.001 Cuvette Round Acrylic RPK for Kone-CD 100/box,10box/cs 159
67.745 uvette Square 4ml, Polystyrene, Packed loose in bag 1000/cs 100
67.746 Cuvette Semi Micro 1.6ml PS Bulk 500/bag 80
67.749 Cuvette Square Round Top 4ml PS RPK 100/box,5box/cs 120
67.754 Cuvette Square 4-sided 4ml PS RPK  100/box,5box/cs 100
67.755 Cuvette Square 4-sided 4ml Acrylic RPK 100/box,5box/cs 140
67.758 Cuvette UV Micro 1.2ml RPK 100/box,5box/cs 298
67.758.001 Cuvette UV Micro 1.2ml w/Red Cap RPK Certified, Steriled. 100/box 98
68.752 Cuvette Round PP for LKB 1000/cs 110
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    67.745, 67.740, 67.746, 67.754, 67.758.001
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