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Digital Dry Block Heater (Four Block Position)

Digital Dry Block Heater Model: MK200-4

Supplier: BenchMark

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  • Weight
    15.0000 lbs
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Digital Dry Block Heater (Four Block Position)

The MK200 series of digital DryBaths offer digital control over both temperature and time, eliminating the need for an external thermometer or timer.  Available in three configurations, the digital dry baths offer capacity for up to four blocks.

The cavities of the high grade aluminum blocks are precision machined to match the conical size and shape of 0.5,1.5, 2.0, 15 and 50ml tube sizes, providing unsurpassed temperature uniformity.  Nine assorted blocks are available in total for compatibility with nearly all common tube sizes.  Custom blocks are also available upon request.

All models include a convenient block lifter, for transferring blocks with high temperatures.

Dry Bath Blocks for MK200


Cat# Parameter  Price (USD)
MK200-4 Main body (No blocks) 698
BK01 49xDia6mm 85
BK02 49xDia7mm 85
BK03 25xDia10mm 76.5
BK04 25xDia12mm 76.5
BK05 25xDia13mm 76.5
BK06 12xDia15mm 76.5
BK07 16xDia15mm 76.5
BK08 12xDia16mm 76.5
BK09 16xDia16mm 76.5
BK10 12xDia19mm 76.5
BK11 16xDia19mm 76.5
BK12 9xDia20mm 76.5
BK13 9xDia26mm 76.5
BK14 4xDia28mm 76.5
BK15 4xDia40mm 76.5
BK16 49x0.5 ml tubes 85
BK17 25x1.5 ml tubes 85
BK18 25x2.0 ml tubes 85

Currently the lead time for this product is 1-2 weeks.

  • Manufacturer
    TSZ Scientific LLC
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    MK200-4, BK01, BK02, BK03, BK04, BK05, BK06, BK07, BK08, BK09, BK10, BK11, BK12, BK13, BK14, BK15, BK16, BK17, BK18