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TM in vitro Transfection Reagent is a cationic polymer transfect reagent which innovated by TSZGENE, TSZ Scientific LLC, USA. This cationic polymer conjugates peptides which binding cell surface receptors. The solution is stable at 4°C. Stability decreases if buffered. The efficient gene transfer activity of EztransfectorTM is related to its capacity for condensing DNA and binding cell surface. Eztransfector TM has a high cationic-charge density potential which makes it an excellent DNA condensing and gene-delivering agent.   Eztransfector TM provides superior transfection efficienc y and significant low er toxicity when compared to various cationic lipids and polymers in a wide number of cell types .

Eztransfector TM is suitable for the transfection of with high efficiency and minimal toxicity. Transfection can be performed in the presence or absence of serum ( Eztransfector TM efficiency is not affected by the presence of serum) . Eztransfector TM showed superior results when compared to many other lipid or polymer based transfection reagents.

Ca t. N o. R0701-05

0.5   m l

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1   m l

Ca t. N o. R0701-20

2   m l

Ca t. N o. R0701-100

M u l ti -p ack 5 X 2 m l, indi v id u a lly p acked

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