We sell a big variety of microscopes, portable telescopes, the 3D Video Precision Measuring System, measurement software, industrial laparoscopes, the nailfold microcirculation viewer, and other related apparatus. Our complete services ranging from repair and maintenance to technical consultations are well explained and served by specified persons.

3D Video Measuring System

- SOV 4D Video Measuring System
- EFA 2D Video Measuring System

Metallurgical Microscope

- Metallurgical Microscope
- Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
- Portable Metallurgical Microscope

Stereo Microscope

- Zoom Stereoscopes
- Stereo Microscope
- Zoom Stereoscopes

Biological Microscope

- Big-size Biological Microscope
- Mid-size Biological Microscope
- Small-size Biological Microscope
- Inverted Biological Microscope

Multi-viewing Microscope

- Multi-viewing Microscope

Comparison Microscope

- Comparison Microscope

Fluorescence Microscope

- Fluorescence Microscope
- Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Polarization Microscope

- Polarization Microscope

Digital Microscope

- Digital Biological Microscope
- Digital Stereo Microscope


- Industrial Endoscope
- Facilities Endoscope

Electronic Eyepieces /
Microscope Camera

- Electronic Eyepiece
Microscope Camera

Portable Microscope /
Iris Beauty Inspection

- Portable Microscope
- Iris / Beauty Inspection

Cold-Light /
Ring Illumination

- Cold-Light
- Ring Illumination

Magnifing Fluorescent Work Light

- Magnifing Fluorescent Work Light

Accessories of Microscope

- Accessories of Microscope

Optical Lens

- Optical Lens / Small Products
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