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Our Company’s surgical team provides surgical modification animals and surgery-induced disease models for pre-clinic drug efficacy study and therapeutic strategy testing.

Our customers include institutes, leading research organizations and pharmaceutical biotechnology industries nationwide.

Biotang Inc. serves as a resource to provide expertise in animal disease model design, pre-instrumented animals, surgery-induced small animal models and on-site surgical technique support. Our surgical team also can develop specific techniques to meet your individual requirements and help accelerate your preclinical program.


Our surgical procedures are developed in-house and performed by scientists who have surgeon background with micro-surgical techniques.


We offer on-site surgical support that allow company’s surgeon to provide surgical services at your facility. The “Rent-A-Surgeon” program will sent one surgeon to your facility for an entire day to perform IACUC-approved surgical procedures as requested by you. Charges for Rent-A-Surgeon”are $2200 per day plus expenses.


Contact us to see completely pricing for our surgical services. Surgical procedures do not include the price of the animal, shipping and container charges.


If you have any questions, Contact us!



Rodent Surgical Modifications and Models


Non-vascular cannulation for short-term and long-term access: Rat Mouse
Intra-cerebroventricular cannulation
Third ventricular cannulation
Intrathecal cannulation
Intra-spinal canal cannulation
Gall-bladder cannulation
Common bile duct cannulation
Mesenteric lymphatic duct cannulation
Thoracic lymphatic duct cannulation  
Urinary Bladder cannulation
Gastric cannulation
Intestinal (duodenum, jejunum and ileum) cannulation


Vascular cannulation for short-term and long-term access: Rat Mouse
Jugular vein cannulation
Portal vein cannulation
Femoral vein cannulation  
Femoral artery cannulation  
Carotid artery cannulation


Injections and instillations: Rat Mouse
Intra-cerebroventricular injection
Third ventricle injection
Intra-spinal injection  
Intra-thymus injection
Intra-trachea or lungs injection and instillation
Intra-nasal instillation
Portal vein injection (open abdomen)
Bone injection


Organ resection procedures: Rat Mouse
Pancreatectomy (>70%)
Hepatectomy (70%)
Nephrectomy and Partial Nephrectomy (>70%)
Small bowel resection (70%)


Solid organ transplantation models: Rat Mouse
Skin transplantation
Heterotopic cardiac transplantation
Orthotopic liver transplantation
Kidney transplantation
Small bowel transplantation
Aortic transplantation
Kidney capsule grafting


Cardiovascular disease models: Rat Mouse
Carotid artery ligation induces atherosclerosis
Left coronary artery ligation induces myocardial infarction
Cryoinjury-induced myocardial Infarction
Myocardial ischemia and reperfusion model
Isolated heart perfusion
Abdominal aortic banding induces hypertension
Thoracic aortic banding induces myocardial hypertrophy and hypertension
Orthotopic aortic transplantation induces arteriosclerosis
Femoral artery ligation induces ischemia model


Thrombosis models: Rat Mouse
A-V shunt
Stroke model
Deep vein thrombosis model


Digestive disease models: Rat Mouse
Esophagitis and Berratt’s Esophagus
Short bowel syndrome
Small bowel fistula
Gastric fistula


Pain disease models: Rat Mouse
L5/L6 spinal nerve ligation induces neuropathic pain model
Partial sciatic nerve ligation induces neuropathic pain model
Femur bone injection induces cancer pain model
Calcaneus bone injection induces cancer pain model
Tibia bone injection induces cancer pain model


Orthotopic implantation induces primary cancer models: Rat Mouse
Lung cancer  
Liver cancer  
Kidney cancer  
Stomach cancer  
Small bowel cancer  
Large bowel cancer (Colon, Racta)  
Bone cancer (femur, Calcaneus, Tibia bone)  
















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