Human hepatitis B virus surface antigen,HBsAg ELISA Kit , 96T
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Human hepatitis B virus surface antigen,HBsAg ELISA Kit , 96T

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Human hepatitis B virus surface antigen,HBsAg ELISA Kit , 96T


This kit is used for the determination the existence of Human Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen (HBsAg) in human serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, and other biological fluids.

Principle of the assay

The kit assays human HBsAg in the samples by the method of purified HBs antibody pre-coated enzyme-labeled ELISA. The solid-phase antigen is prepared by purified human HBs antibody which is pre-coated onto a microplate. After loading of samples, the HBsAg in the controls or samples bind with the coated antibody. Then the HBs antibody-enzyme labeled conjugates has been added into wells. After washing to remove any unbound reagent, the tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) substrate is added. TMB substrate produces blue color when catalyzing by the HRP enzyme. After reaching the desired color intensity, the reaction is terminated by addition of an acidic Stop solution which changes the solution color from blue to yellow. Determining the absorbance (OD Value) at wave length 450 nm by the microwell reader, and the existence of HBsAg can be calculated according to OD from positive or negative controls.


1.       Average the duplicate readings for each control and sample and subtract the average of blank well.

2.       Determine P/N value: P/N= ODsample / (0.1 + ODnegative). If ODpositive is more than 2.5, please use 2.5 as the value. ODpositive or ODnegative is the OD450 from positive or negative control.

3.       If P/N ≥ 1.0, the testing sample is HBsAg positive; if P/N< 1.0, the testing sample is HBsAg negative.

4.       The normal range of ODnegative should be less than 0.1, and ODpositive should be more than 1.0, otherwise the experiment may have some errors and maybe need repeating.

5.       If the ODsample is more than 2.5 or less than 0.1, it is out of the optimal test range. Dilution or concentration of sample may be necessary for accuracy.

Kit Performance

1.    Sample from healthy people should be negative, e.g. P/N < 1.0.

2.  Specificity: simultaneous detection of recombinant or natural human HBsAg without cross-reaction with other cytokines.

3.   Repeatability: both inter-assay and intra-assay were less than 10 %.

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*Kit Experimental Time:< 2 hs

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